Yolo is a Anonymous Social Networking App which has been released recently any Iphone device – Ios device.  Yolo is currently a trending app in the market. It has been downloaded more than 1 million so far. Amazing fact is that currently this app is the number one in the app store. Strange right? In this article you will find a direct link to download Yolo anonymouse app for Iphone and Ios.

How to download Yolo App for Iphone and Ios.

What is Yolo App?

Yolo is a social netwoking app which was released in mid 2019. Within a month Yolo Anonymous app went viral due to its special features like asking questions anonymously. This app is mainly targetted for Iphone , iOS users.Most importantly you can share your replies through SnapChat.

How to download Yolo App for Iphone and Ios

Yolo anonymous app on Iphone ios
Yolo anonymous app on Iphone ios

Enough talks you can goto the following link and download Yolo Anonymous App for iPhone & iOS Devices such as Ipad. Click the following button to visit official link of Yolo Anonymous App.

How to install Yolo Anonymous App?

After you click on the above link you will directed to following page. Look carefully and find the Blue “GET” button on the official download page of Yolo Anonymous App for Ios.

Get button for Yolo Anonymous App

Then you will be requested to approve the download of Yolo App. This is very normal for any Iphone, iOS user. Basically iOS is asking a confirmation from you whether to install this app or not. You will be asked to use faceid or your password to approve the installation. You can learn more on how to install apps in iPhone on their official support forum.

Stuck at logging in to the app? Check our article on how to register on YOLO app.

Is it safe to download Yolo App?

Well, in our website we only direct you to the official links. In this case official Yolo App’s Apple store page. However it is your responsibility to do a background check before you install any app on your device. But in this case I assure you that Yolo app is 100% safe to download for iphone and iOs technically. However if you look in to the “social” safety this app might negatively affect on teens. We realized that this is an important topic to discuss. You may read our analysis from this article.

Uninstalling the Yolo App from your iPhone ios device.

If somehow you are not satisfied with the Yolo app you can always uninstall it very easily. You may check out our easy step by step uninstall guide for both iphone and other iOS devices.

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