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After a several months Yolo released their app for Android users. So now people can easily download the app through Playstore. Actually while ago people had to download apk and install the on yolo anonymous app manually. In this article I will explain you how to download and install yolo anonymous app for android.

How to download Yolo app for Android.

What is Yolo App?

Yolo app stands for you only live once. Yolo app for android is one of first apps created by Snap Kit. Basically Yolo ulilizes Snapchat and let the users to ask anonymouse question from other users. Most importantly people are allowed to share responses via Snapchat. Due to these features Yolo App became viral within a week not only amoung iPhone users but also amoung Android Users. Unfortunately at the beginning Android users were unable to download the app through playstore. But however last week Yolo app released their app in to the Google Playstore. Exiciting right? So now I will guide you how to download Yolo App from android play store.

How to download Yolo app for Android from Play Store.

YOLO ANONYMOUS APP for Android Mobile

To keep the stuff clear and easy just click the following button to visit the official page to download YOLO application for Android phones and tablets like Samsung. If you are using a mobile Google Play store will automatically open the link after you click the button. By any case if you are using a desktop it will redirect you to the official site.

How to install Yolo Anonymous app on Android?

If you clicked the above button using a mobile you will see the following page inside your Play Store app. Make sure you find green color “Install” button as you see in the image. Then it will start download. After download and auto installation you can click on the new green “Open” button to access the yolo app in your adroid phone. In this way we didn’t use the APK. Trust me this is the easiest way.

Yolo anonymous app android play store install button

As I mentioned above if you have clicked the link using a desktop you will be directed to the official android play store webpage of Yolo application. Find the small green colored install button. Then you will be asked to select a device you use. Make sure you select the device that require the yolo anonymous app. if you have done these steps clearly your phone will not automatically download and install the app. You will see the Yolo icon in your android phone.

How to download Yolo using APK.

Before continue I strongly recommend you to try to download yolo mobile using the play store method mentioned above. For some reason if you are unable to do so please follow this guide. However I must inform that downloading yolo app using APK is not very easy. You migh need some begiiner technical skills.

Make sure you download the apk using your mobile device. After download is completed tap on it. You will have to enable app installation from Unkown Sources to complete the install. You can follow this guide to learn how to do it. Again I strongly suggest you to download it via play store.

I guess now you know how to install Yolo anonymous app . If you think I have helped you even a little please help us by sharing this Article on Social Media. Thank you and have fun with Yolo App. If you are looking for the iPhone guide click here.

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