How to Use Yolo on Snapchat

So far Yolo is the most treding anonymous app in both Android Play Store and Apple App Store. It was first released by SnapChat team with the help of Pop Show Inc. In August Yolo was one of the most downloaded app in the mobile store. However many people are still confused on how to download Yolo app and how to use yolo app with Snapchat. So in this guide I will teach you how to use yolo on snapchat. Eventhough Popshow company let people to signup using their mobile number with recent update they disabled it. Now it is a must to use your Snapchat account to access Yolo App. Basically if you need to anonymously chat with others you will need Snapchat installed on your mobile. If you dont own a mobile you can try our PC guide.

What is Yolo?

Yolo is a free messaging app for Snapchat. Currently it is available for both Android and iPhone users. Yolo messaging app is free and it allows you to send anonymouse messages using Snapchat API. Most importantly you can reply and share the replies using Snapchat. Due to these cool reasons Yolo anonymous app has been number one in the play store for a while. Eventhough there are several similar appls like Lipsi and Sarahah Yolo gathered many users quickly. Yolo was first founded by Gregoire Henrion in 2019.

How can I download Yolo app on Mobile Phone?

Downloaing yolo app only takes a minute. You can learn how to download the app by visiting the below link. However you will need to download Snapchat from App store or Android Play Store before installing the Yolo app. Most on us already have Snapchat app on our mobile. If you already have Snapchat obviously you dont need to download it again. Now you can download and install Yolo for you iOS and Android mobile from below link.

How to Use Yolo on Snapchat

The following article can help you to learn the basic about how to use Yolo on Snapchat. By following this guice you can easily learn how to do anonymous messaging. Also you will learn how to work on yolo on Snapchat.

  1. Download Yolo App. You can either search on play store or use our download article to download yolo app on your mobile. Wait till the install finishes. This will take a minute depending on your connection speed.
  2. Find Yolo App on your mobile icon list. Tap on the Yolo App icon and open Yolo App.
  3. Click on Login with Snapchat Yellow link. At first Yolo allowed people to login with their mobile number. But recently they have removed that option. So now it is a must to have Snapchat account to login to Yolo App.
Yolo login with Snapchat
Yolo login with Snapchat

4. Click on the continue button. This means you agree to their terms of service and privacy policy. If you want to read them visit

Continue to yolo
Continue to yolo

5. Now Yolo app will reopen and you will see a big Yellow Get Anonymous Messages button. When you tap that you will be redirected to Snapchat. There you design and type your question or message and send it anonymously. After typing the message click on the Share snapchat button.

6. Also you can post your snapchat story now. You will the a small yellow YOLO logo.

Yolo story
Yolo Story

After that your Snapchat friends can anonymously ask questions or send you messages. They will swipup your story and use Yolo app to send messages and replies.

How to view and reply on Yolo Snapchat App

To view anonymous messages just open your Yolo app. You will see the anonymouse questions and messages on your home page.

Step A: Open Yolo Anonymouse App on your Android / iPhone.

Step B: Click on Anonymous Question and tap the reply button.

Step C: You will be directed to Snapchat app. There you can type your reply and send. Now your yolo app work on your Snapchat.

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