What is Yolo App?

Looking for an app which allows you to ask questions from other users anonymously? Well you are in the right place!

OnYolo is the only android, Ios app that allows users to ask questions and get answers from users without revealing the identity. Cool Right? The important fact is that you can also share, post your reply (replies) directly on Snapchat.

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Yolo For iPhone

Yolo Anonymous Questions

Download Yolo Anonymous App for     iPhone iOS or iPad by clicking Yolo Download button below.  

Yolo For Android

Yolo APK for Android

Download Yolo Anonymous APK for Android by clicking On Yolo Download button below.

Yolo For PC

Yolo For PC

Download Yolo Anonymous APK for PC by clicking On Yolo Download button below.

Yolo is an antique messaging app, which is rapidly becoming very famous among Snapchat teenagers. Currently, it is the fifth-biggest free social media app in the App Store and has been on the Middle in the top 10 list since it was first launched on May 2.

FAQs about Yolo Anonymous App

If you have any questions regarding Yolo app you may find your answers below.

Following are the steps to receive anonymous questions from random users using Snapchat.

  1. Download Snapchat App on your iPhone, iPad or Android.
  2. Then download yolo app for you iPhone, iOS from here. Or if you are using Android try this link to download Yolo anonymous app for Android.
  3. Choose login with Snapchat.
  4. Read the terms and conditions and click on Agree. Then click on continue.
  5. If you did everything correct Snapchat App will open. There will be a button to link Snapchat with Yolo app.
  6. Open Yolo app and tap on Receive, get anonymous messages.
  7. Finally Post your Snapchat Story.

With the time you will receive many Anonymous Questions. You can reply to them using following steps. This is actually a straight forward process.

Open Yolo App on iPhone or Android. 

Then click on the button “Anonymous Question“. Finally click on Reply and mention your reply


Even though Yolo app is not officially supported for Windows and Mac PCs you can use a emulator and use it.

Well when we consider the technical aspect of the App it is 100%.

However if you consider social effect and privacy issues some can say app is not safe for children or Teen,

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